Steel encasement pipe is commonly used to protect underground utility lines from damage due to nature or human activity. Steel casing is used to protect water mains, gas pipes, electrical power cables, fiber optic cables, and other applications. Steel casing pipe is useful for running utility lines under highways and railways and in some applications, through rivers and lakes to get utilities to remote locations.

Steel casing to fit your needs


At Pittsburgh Pipe, we take the needs of individual contractors seriously, and we understand the importance that quality and consistency is to the success of your project. We were the first in the nation to routinely stock steel casing pipe in 20 foot dead lengths. Many things have changed in horizontal casing installation methods during the last 38 years, however the need for Pittsburgh Pipe’s straight, round, true casing pipes, however, remains constant.

We stock 10” through 72” casing pipes in all commonly used wall thicknesses. As a manufacturer, distributor, and fabricator of casing pipes we provide virtually all possible diameter/wall thickness/length configurations you require, as well as custom pipe ends, fabrication, and services. Each guaranteed casing pipe we provide is straight and round with true ends for problem-free field fit-up.


We have been a top steel casing pipe supplier to customers in the St. Louis area and beyond for a number of industrial and construction applications such as:

·         Auger Bore Casing

·         Tunnel Encasement

·         Rammed Steel Casing Pipe

·         Road Bore Casing

·         Railroad Bore Casing

·         Smooth Wall Steel Pipe Casing

·         Drainage Casing

·         Directional Drilling Casing


As with all our products, the material you buy from Pittsburgh Pipe can be customized to suit your project’s unique needs. We have the ability to manufacture materials in the quantity you need at a competitive price and have it delivered exactly when you need it.

·         Customized lengths

·         Customized fabrication

·         Pipe coatings and finishes

·         Bevelling by square ends and bevel ends

·         Square by inverted bevel ends

·         Square by half bevel/half inverted bevel ends

·         Overcut bands

·         Grout ports

·         Lifting lugs

·         Split casing

·         Alignment bands


Any material we deliver will be accompanied by our signature post-delivery support. Our technicians can supply complete shop drawings, quality assurance/quality control documentation, and certificates of compliance so that you are prepared for any inspection. Pittsburgh Pipe also will have a steel casing expert on call 24/7 to help answer any questions or address any issues. You don’t stay in business for as long as we have by ignoring the needs of our customers or delivering inferior products. Our service goes beyond the sale, and we stand by our products and our quality long after the materials have been delivered.