Quality is Key at Pittsburgh Pipe



In business since 1977, Pittsburgh Pipe has built its reputation for exceptional quality and customer service by being the best solution for underground utility contractors across the country.

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Steel Piping Is Green!

Using pipe made of steel is not only safer for people, but it is safer for the environment too


Steel is highly recyclable

It is a little known fact that steel is the most recycled material on the planet.

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Five benefits of stainless steel pipe

When contractors select materials for metal pipework, stainless steel is often overlooked due to its price compared to other options such as PVC for applications such as wastewater and chemical transport.

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Finding the Right HDPE Innerduct Supplier

Did you know that HDPE Innerducts are often used in electrical and telecommunications systems to protect underground cables from damage? That is because HDPE pipe is flexible around obstacles like roadways and bodies of water.

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Casing Spacers

Pittsburgh Pipe supplies steel casing products to customers all over the country. However, did you know that we are also a major supplier of Telecom and Power Products to Underground Utility Contractors all across North America?

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