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Weld Bands / Overcut Bands

CASING HORIZONTAL PIPE - Weld Bands Overcut BandsWhen ease of alignment and welding is what you’re after, Pittsburgh Pipe custom manufactures welding bands to fit your job specifications. Based upon your needs we can furnish weld bands loose, I.D. welded or O.D. welded. They can be attached recessed, flush or extended.

Pittsburgh Pipe can supply weld bands in:

  • Sizes From 6” To 120”
  • Thicknesses From .375” To 1.500”
  • Any Length
  • Loose Or Attached (To the O.D. Or the I.D.)

When you have a ramming, auger boring or pipe jacking job and strength is what you need, Pittsburgh Pipe also manufactures overcut bands to reinforce the ends of your pipes.

Our standard overcut bands are:

  • 6” Long
  • .375” to .500” Thick
  • O.D. Installed Flush or Near Flush With the End of the Pipe

We can also custom manufacture the overcut bands to your project specifications.

Whether it’s aligning or strengthening, let Pittsburgh Pipe make your job easier by including weld bands or overcut bands in your casing design quote.