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Split Casing Pipe

Pittsburgh Pipe has manufactured split steel casing pipe (also referred to as split steel conduit) for over 20 years. We serve the underground gas and water & sewer markets as well as the telecommunications sector. We provide split casing in 3 different styles.

Split and Tabbed Casing

Split and Tabbed

We start with a 10’ section of either black or galvanized steel that has been threaded, and split the entire pipe longitudinally along with the coupling. We then weld our pre-punched tabs to the side of both the pipe and the coupling. All hardware for simple field installation is included.

Sizes Available:

  • Diameter – 1” IPS to 12” IPS
  • Wall Thickness – 0.156” to 0.375”
  • Special Lengths Available Upon Request

split casing pipe

Zipper Cut Casing
Standard sections of either straight seam or spiral weld steel pipe are arc-gouged longitudinally on both sides to maintain the pipe’s circularity. We leave a small section attached on both ends which can be cut in the field at the time of installation.

Sizes Available:

  • Diameter – 4” IPS to 12” IPS
  • Offered in a Full Range of Wall Thicknesses

Split and Flanged Casing
This product is offered for projects in which field welding is not an option. The pipe is split longitudinally, split flanges are attached to both ends, and pre-drilled flat bars are attached to each horizontal side. All standard hardware for assembly is included.

Sizes Available:

  • Diameter – 4” to 12”
  • Offered in a Full Range of Wall Thicknesses
  • Special Coatings and Linings Are Available