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Casing Spacers

casing spacers

Pittsburgh Pipe is an industry-leadering supplier of telecom products such as spacers for installing multiple PVC, HDPE or steel conduits inside casing pipe. Casing spacers (also called bore spacers) ensure accurate alignment and have been proven to reduce installation time. With caster assemblies mounted to the casing spacer they will glide into the casing and maintain the position of all your conduits.

Holes can be provided for grout injection, grout flow pockets and stabilization cables. Casing spacers can be manufactured to meet almost any size of duct or pipe and positioned to accommodate multiple sizes within one spacer.

Pittsburgh Pipe supplies:

  • Standard Thicknesses of ½” or ¾” HDPE Sheeting
  • Caster Assemblies to Assist with Installation
  • Grout Holes
  • Custom Sizes