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Casing Spacers and End Seals

casing spacers and end seals Pittsburgh Pipe supplies casing spacers and end seals nationwide. Casing spacers prevent corrosion by insulating the carrier pipe from the casing. They eliminate the need to blow sand into the annulus between the pipe and the casing. Casing spacers are also easier to attach and to slide into place than are wood skids.

At Pittsburgh Pipe we understand that every job is different and that underground constructors need the right spacer for each job. Tell us about your project and we will supply the best casing spacer for your job. We furnish stainless steel, epoxy coated, galvanized and plastic spacers. Spacers for multiple pipes within one casing are available as well. We can also make spacers with special risers so that the invert of the carrier pipe can be aligned to grade properly in the field.

Each end of the casing pipe can be sealed off with our most popular wrap-around casing end seals or with our pull-on end seals. Link seals are also available.

Some spacers and end seals that Pittsburgh Pipe supplies include:


  • Stainless Steel Casing Spacers
  • Galvanized Casing Spacers
  • Epoxy Coated Casing Spacers
  • Polyethylene Casing Spacers
  • Casing Spacers with Rollers
  • Multiple Pipes Casing Spacers
  • Cut-To-Fit Casing Spacers
  • Bevel by Bevel
  • Wrap-Around Casing End Seals
  • Pull-On End Seals
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Shop Drawings
  • QA / QC Documentation

All of our casing spacers and end seals are manufactured in the USA. Your casing spacers and end seals will usually ship two to three business days after your order is placed.