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Since 1977, Pittsburgh Pipe has been a leader in the piping supply distribution industry. As our company expanded, so have our abilities. Pittsburgh Pipe now manufactures, fabricates and distributes high-quality steel casing pipe, as well as related products.

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Pittsburgh Pipe has facilities strategically located in the central United States, giving us access to truck, rail and river transportation to get our products to you quickly. Our products management team is recognized as one of the best, with a combined 105 years of industry experience. Our team stands by our motto to get you The Right Pipe, Right On Time!

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What makes us different?

Pittsburgh Pipe invests a lot of time and care into manufacturing and fabricating steel pipe. We manufacture pipes that have solid welds, quality surface and end preparations, and an appearance that will make you confident in the quality of our product. The extra steps we take ensure that we provide our customers with one of the best steel pipe products available.

All plates that Pittsburgh Pipe uses in the manufacturing process are squared up and cut on all four sides using our CNC controlled burn table. Starting with a perfectly square work piece with defect-free edges assures a properly aligned weld joint; it also provides a weld prep area free of grit or scale that could affect the integrity of the weld.

Prior to rolling those same plates go through a plate blaster, to remove rust and mill scale from both sides of the plate. The resulting work piece is then welded with the assurance that any undesired inclusions have been removed from the weld area. Being blasted on the outer dimension (OD) and the inner dimension (ID) allows for our plates to meet the surface preparation requirements of most painting specifications.

Our CNC controlled, state-of-the-art plate bending roll uses “4 roll” technology. This creates work pieces that meet the close tolerance requirements of today’s underground utility installation projects. The long seam and circumferential welds on every Pittsburgh Pipe are performed using our automated Lincoln welding units to ensure high integrity, low profile and full penetration welds, in conformance to American Welding Society (AWS) standards.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

For contractors, having quality pipe is extremely important. Whether it is weld integrity, a pipe being straight and round, or making sure that a pipe has “true” ends that are perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, Pittsburgh Pipe does it right.

Our pipe manufacturing process includes 25 separate inspections or measurements. These inspections ensure that the diameter, wall thickness, straightness, roundness, weld quality and end preparation of each pipe section delivered to the jobsite strictly conforms to the requirements of each individual order. We assure the best quality from our steel pipe, leaving you the peace of mind you need to focus on your project.